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Who are we?

Unless you speak Xhosa or Zulu, you may not know that LULA means EASY. How does that relate to us? Well, we make what we do look easy. The INNOVATIONS bit will become apparent when you visit our workshop. 

Our speciality is carports, but we do a lot more than that.  

Security bars and gates are necessities that sometimes spoil the character of a beautiful old house. We can assist with placing your personal creative stamp on the face of your home. We take your idea, sketch it on the computer, you approve the design, and we manufacture and install your creation.  

Window and door canopies can be made to any shape and size in your choice of colour and fabric.  

Roll-up or fixed blinds will convert that beautiful summer patio into a cosy winter nook. Add windows to the blinds, and you can really benefit from the winter sun.

We also dabble in woodwork. Our workshop is equipped to cut, shape, engrave on, and mould wood. Would you like a post-box with your house’s name or number engraved on it? A psalm engraved on a beautiful piece of moulded wood?

Our industrial sewing machine is waiting for your designs.

With our experience in costing, building, steel and wood installations, we are also very capable Project Managers. You may soak up the sun in the Caribbean and leave the stress and strain of renovating your home to us. 

With more than 35 years of experience (15 of them in the Overberg area) we have to admit that we know what we are doing. Because of this, we are able to offer expert advice. We won’t install something that will blow away then turn around and blame you because “that is what you requested”.  

We also use threads etc. which are recommended by the suppliers, so our products are covered by their guarantees.

All components are manufactured and sewn in our workshop in Napier, so we can design just about anything to suit your specific needs.